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Parent Access Supervision Services

Family STAR (a program of the New York State Authorized child welfare agency Adoption STAR), is pleased to offer a new, local option for supervised visitation services in Erie County: PASS (Parent Access Supervision Services). Our on-site supervised visitation program provides a safe, child-focused environment that is professionally run, expertly staffed, and thoughtfully designed.
This service is available to families (who are most often referred by either attorneys, Family Court, or the Supreme Court) who are dealing with child custody issues related to to a divorce or separation AND where the court indicates that supervision is required for any visits between the child and non-custodial parent.
For families specifically in need of supervised visitation (therapeutic or non-therapeutic), Family STAR utilizes social workers, mental health professionals, and other clinicians that are present during the visits to support the child and/or help the parent build on their parenting proficiencies.
More about Family STAR’s supervised visitation program:

  • Our centrally-located, Amherst-based office is readily accessible for all, including those who utilize public transportation;
  • We feature flexible appointment scheduling (including evening hours and weekend hours, if necessary);
  • We are members of the word-recognized Supervised Visitation Provider Network: https://www.svnworldwide.org/
  • Our staff is made up of high skilled professionals that can provide the therapeutic and clinical supports based on needs;
  • We have many different meeting room options in a bright, modern facility, including a playroom that doubles as a clinical observation area with a two-way mirror;
  • Our large, brightly lit parking lot has multiple secure entrances;
  • We clearly spell out and follow safety protocols, which are a required part of each and every scheduled visit;
  • Affordable hourly services and cost-effective packages available for multiple visits.

If you have any questions, concerns, or want to make a referral, please call us at 716-639-3030 or e-mail us at PASS@familystar.com.

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