Post Adoption
For those experiencing difficulties in their adoption journey, Family STAR, is available to provide individualized intervention and support. Experienced, professional counselors are available through Family STAR to assist with issues such as: defining an open adoption relationship that will best meet the child’s needs over time; dealing with grief and loss related to placing a child; building attachment with an older adopted child, self esteem and other identity issues, cultural competency and relationship building, etc.


As you journey through life it is always nice to know that there are others who are going through some of the similar situations that you are.  It can be helpful to share experiences and to learn from each other and featured presenters.

Support Groups/Referrals

Family STAR maintains an active list of counselors/therapist who have some expertise in adoption-related issues.


The goal of the correspondence service is to provide a mechanism through which birth families and adoptive families can foster their semi-open adoption. Many family’s post adoptive needs include writing letters, sending pictures and setting up visits with birth parents. The correspondence service helps families meet those needs in a semi-open adoption.


Whether an individual engages in a formal search for biological family members or not, they search daily with their thoughts, feelings, and fantasies. Connecting with professionals who understand the issues involved in search and reunion, the individual will be better prepared to choose whether or not to embark on a formal search path.


Family STAR has a children’s playroom and observation room which has a one-way mirror/window on the connecting wall that can be used for training or for therapy observation. This is a beautiful space and is open for therapeutic use.