Family STAR provides post adoption support, training, advocacy and resources. These services are provided via individual counseling, small group counseling, telephone support, and referrals. Post adoption support is a part of the adoption journey and is an integral part of a healthy adoption experience.

Post adoption support and services is a responsibility of all adoption agencies however many fall short when providing this necessary support. When Adoption STAR was first founded, the vision was to create a post adoption department that could provide comprehensive support in the form of clinical services and support groups. Adoption STAR has always provided post adoption support but chose to expand their post adoption services under the name Family STAR.

The Family STAR initiative truly captures the ingredients necessary for a successful post adoption program: Support, Training, Advocacy and Resources for all families touched by adoption.


Clinical services provided in the form of one-one-one counseling in person as well as via electronic means to provide support those at a geographic distance.  Group sessions as well as support groups providing both therapeutic and social opportunities are available.


Workshops and classes are provided in both small and large group settings.


Family STAR provides you with the tools for individual and family advocacy.


Family STAR has developed resources and provides referrals to assist individuals and families in all aspects of their post adoption journey.

The Family STAR office space is warm and inviting

It has three private counseling rooms off a wide hallway and offers a separate exterior entrance and exit, which is ideal for confidentiality as well as accommodating for day time, evening and weekend appoints.  The Family STAR department has access to the larger agency’s training room and additional meeting space should the need arise.  Additionally, Family STAR has a separate private playroom and attached viewing room that has a one-way mirror/window on the connecting wall that can be used for training or for therapy observation or supervised visits.

Family STAR serves children, adolescents, adults, couples and families.