Adoption STAR/Family STAR prioritizes high quality evaluation that examines, among other things, the impact of our Post Adoption Services (PAS) and other activities of the agency. The foundation of our efforts can be found in the Adoption STAR/Family STAR Theoretical Framework, Logic Model, Logic Model Explained, Standard Operating Procedures, Continuous Improvement Model, and our Research Model. At Adoption STAR/Family STAR, we are fully committed to ensuring that our clients and others who access our services receive the highest quality programs. This commitment includes formative evaluation to ensure fidelity of implementation and summative evaluation to ensure we are achieving desired programmatic outcomes.

Logic Model & Other Research Documentation

A logic model contains four components: Inputs or the environmental characteristics that impact Cradle Beach and our programs and participants; Environment or a detailed description of our programs; Outputs or how participants engage in our program; and Outcomes or what benefits occur as a result of participants engaging in our program. The following documents detail our evaluation and research program.