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Siblings in Adoption

Regina Kupecky just gave a talk entitled, ‘The Confusing World of Brothers, Sisters and Adoption’. The talk was a good reminder about the importance of talking and thinking about siblings as they relate to adoption. In the adoption community we spend a lot of time talking about birth parents, but not as much time […]

What We Don’t Want to Talk About – But Must by Michele Fried

What We Don’t Want To Talk About – But Must
By Michele Fried

I didn’t want to read the article entitled, Suicide and Adoption: We Need to Stop Whispering, but I did. I am glad I did. Yes, I know most adoptees do well. But this one is struggling…
Just a few very powerful words from this […]

Race Matters

Family STAR conducted a workshop entitled Race Matters. The workshop included a panel that addressed topics such as transracial adoption, white privilege, identity and discrimination. There were four short (3-6 minute) videos included in the discussion that many found interesting. Here they are:
“A Conversation with my black son”
In this short documentary, parents reveal […]

Adoptive Families in the Holiday Season

The holiday season is often a time when families get together to celebrate the season. Aunts, uncles, cousins, greet each other and sit around the kitchen or the living room catching up and marveling at how much has happened since they have last seen each other. It is during these times that phrases like […]

Divorce and Adoption

You put together a charming profile that boasts of your loving relationship, your inviting home and the wonderful life that awaits a child. Certainly you don’t envision divorce at the end of such journey. But sadly divorce is a reality for many families, and adoptive families are not immune. However, when adoptive parents divorce, […]

Knowing When You Need Post Adoption Support

When most parents have questions about raising their children, they typically turn to: parents, siblings, friends, coworkers, pediatricians, a rabbi or minister or a trusted book or website. These resources are often enough to gather information and make a decision about how to proceed. I know when I contemplated the best way to help […]

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